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Practice this shit!

My first couple real league practices have been awesome. I love being able to skate twice a week, everything is getting easier much faster.

Every scrimmage like drill starts by me having a huge “What the fuck just happened?” moment, but those start to fade and you are able to grab a moment here and moment there of great satisfaction. I’m hopeful that those moments will become more frequent!

Here’s a list of things we are doing and I should work on them often!

1 – 3 turns. This is a one foot transition. Outside edge to inside, or vice versa, any combo you want. Much easier to do when rolling.

2 – one foot hop. Use your core, maybe swing your arms, keep your knee up high.

3 – jumping from your outside edge on one foot, to the outside edge on the other foot. Another type of one foot transition.

4 – this one is amazing. Scully, then when your feet are farthest apart, jump. You are pushing off on your edges and you gain speed!

5 – skating on one foot and using your edges to turn. From what I can see, most of the girls use their hips for this one a great deal.

6 – 360 jumps. This one actually looks like it start more like a normal 360 transition with a jump at the end. Strange side note, I seem to do 360 transitions very very well on my bad side.

7 – kick ass drill, hockey stop pyramid. With a partner, you are both on the track facing each other, one facing derby direction, the other opposite. One goes to the other side of the track, hockey stops once, the partner follows. Then you do two, partner does two. Etc all the way to 10, then back down. Once you have stopped, come out of it pushing off your outside foot and crossover your inside. It gives you a big step across the track! I’m realizing how essential the hockey stop is. When going fast, it gives you the fast stopping power you need to be safe. It’s the most important thing I’m working on right now. Also, I hypothesize that the plow I do always with my right foot might not be great for my ankle.

8 – backwards crossovers. Two crosses with one side, two with the other. Pretty simple.

9 – skating in opposite derby direction. I felt like a baby camel out there.

10 – backwards skating on one foot. That shit hurts.

11 – toe stops. Always.

Suffice to say today’s focus was on edges, hopping and one foot skating. All skills that I can work on at Lloyd’s. Or I need to check in with genesis! They probably have their track open now.

Love this league, love every practice. Kick ass life.


A real league practice

So I haven’t been to practice since the 15th thanks to this flood, and holy shit, does it take it’s toll. We’ll say that’s the reason that I was so out of shape at the Rocky View Rollers league practice. It was also super hot, and none of those girls are as fresh as me, so we’ll add that in too. But it never matters. They were happy to have me, to teach me and cheer me on. Only in this sport would girls whom you’ve never met tell you to grab their hips and be there for your stability to learn crossovers in the opposite direction. My god, are they athletes. I know that this is my biggest weakness right now, my lack of athleticism. I have two things that a roller girl needs – a great attitude and I’m afraid of nothing. But it takes a lot more than heart to be successful at this. Core strength, balance, cardiovascular endurance, strong ankles, good gear, and a shit tone of leg muscles I must have never used in my life. I’ll get there, but I have to step it up off the track. Skating everyday and 30 day shred. I’m putting my self out there, for everyday this week. I think it will make a big difference when I skate with those awesome girls again next week.

Some great tips:

“Working the track” this I kind of understood but didn’t really use or get what a difference it can make. It’s a little hard to practice with tones of people on the track, but work it when you can. Cross overs the whole way, and work a circle. Cut as close to the inside corners as you can then work your way to the outside on the strait aways. This uses up way less energy, you can get a good stride going and it’s the fastest way to skate.


When trying to do regular “balls of the foot” transitions, hold your finger up in front of your face and just follow your finger around. I’m not sure how this works, maybe keeps your brain focused on something simple and up high rather than uh our feet? I don’t know. But it works! Thanks Trailer Park Tracy for that one. By the way, it doesn’t work for the hop transition. For this one, I skate forward, then point backward, and rotate my hips towards my finger. It’s all about the hips in that one, not the feet.


So my first practice since I was sick. It started out rough; I was shaky and dehydrated and doing terrible falls. I have something mental going on with my right leg. It’s weaker and does not to go down. There’s no way around this one except that I have to get stronger. I think the one knee taps and two knee slides are going to be a tricky part of benchmarking for me. On that note, I think. I’m close! One 40 year old girl in my league just passed hers and the hardest part for her was the 25 in 5 (still a ways off for me) and hopping. Well guess what bitches. I can hop! Could do it just after a few tries. I think the mental stuff is a bit easier for me to overcome than the physical limitations I have. I’m quite a fearless person in most areas of my life – that is a huge advance in derby.

So – I can hop over a shoe and use my edges to hop side to side. But I have some trouble weaving around pylons quickly. It was a little easier once I thought of keeping my outside foot in front, but I need softer cushions to be able to lean the way I need to. This also goes for toe stops. I can’t do what I need to with the stock toe stops (break style) so I think there’s some gum ball ones needed in my future. Those, and some outdoor bearings I think are sorely needed.