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Backwards skating

Great practice last night. Learned a lot of good shit, so pay attention.

Transitions: when spinning, try not to get one foot doing the big arch. It’s easy to trip and it’s too slow. Keep your feet closer together and stay a little more on your toes. This makes the turn sharper and then you’re ready for the two foot tomahawk.

Backwards skating: Tonka came back from rollercon with a kickass tip. Take your right foot and just kind of stroke it behind your left foot. Get used to how that feels to lift your foot. Now just add a little left foot swivel and you’re doing backwards crossovers! I was taught to work on the left foot swivel first and lift the right foot later. I’ve gotten nowhere. This is way better! After just a few tries, I can actually do backwards crossovers! She was showing this to all of us and even one if the vets totally loved how much easier it felt.

I did a knee tap, but only one. The others took a second. But I can get up consistently without using my hands, getting close. Oh, and it was suggested I get gaskets for my knees. Extra protection under your pads. And if you’re taping up your knee pads, don’t do it too tight. That shit doesn’t stretch and it hurts.

I’m constantly floored by how gender rolls don’t exist in derby. One guy I barely know accidentally grabbed my ass-no worries at all. Another totally changed clothes while we were talking and I didn’t even notice until he was wearing different clothes. We’re just people. There’s no thoughts like,”oh my god, that guy is so close to my ass, does it look big?” You’re way to busy thinking about a million other things. I’m not awesome at this sport yet, but I feel awesome for doing it. I wish I could feel this way all the time.