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All the derby

I’ve now got about 5 scrimmages under my belt including one rookie rumble. I really wish I’d written a post right after I finished it, because it felt so amazing seeing all all my kick ass coaches reffing with shit eating grins on their face the whole time. I felt I could really get things accomplished blocking against jammers that needed a little more time – I forced a couple cut tracks and even delivered a couple hits.

I’ve noticed a few improvements in my game over the last few weeks. Firstly,

I’m less hands-y. I don’t have to use my arms for balance so much, though I still have a long way to go in this area.

I was not blocked out once while jamming. I think I will keep this a goal for ever. I will stay strong and solid and tire the shit out of their blockers. Then I will build on that foundation and try to get some explosive speed worked in. I was also far less tied this time post jamming.

Egg catching. Blocking against super strong, fast jammers like Lock Jaw, it hurts to try and stop her dead, then as you’re recovering from the hit, she blows through you. I think that there were a few times that our team really caught her well and stopped her for a few seconds.

Immediate goals to work on:

Using my team. I leave each jam either thinking that I accomplished something, or I didn’t. I think that’s the problem right there. I need to feel ONE with my team. Since I’m not on one yet, I don’t know everyone’s style and forget to use names or forget what to say. I think this will just take time. But next time, I’m going to stick to my partner and try to talk more.

Hits. I’ve had the goal for a while to hit one person a game. Sometimes I do, mostly I don’t. Timing is so hard and our jammers are so fast. But I have caused a couple sneaky cut tracks where I gently push them out and hold them there. Those are effective because they can’t help but get the penalty, but still, more hitting bitches needed.

My first real bout is Sunday. An invitational with lots of rookies on both sides. I’m so excited!
After every scrimmage I think “I wish I could do this again tomorrow.” I want all the derby!


Win win win

Today was my first real, full length scrimmage. I went in with the goal of not getting hurt, or badly hurting anyone else, and any other moment of triumph would be bonus awesome. Win, win, and a little more win. I helped block Kris My Ass for like, 3 seconds! I love watching her jam, even if she’s against me, it’s so exciting. What an amazing athlete – my life is awesome because I get to play with women like her. So many amazing women! I can not describe how lucky I feel to be apart of this. Everyone has something to teach you. Every game, you can become better than the last because of the people around you.

Tonight’s tips: stay with your partner and don’t chase (I think that last part was more specifically for me as a freshie).

When bridging, don’t look ahead. Only look back. You need to watch that 10 feet barrier and maybe you have more space to take. Watch your rear bridge person.

Things to work on:

Im super hands-y. I didn’t need anyone else to tell me this one, I could feel myself groping for people all the time, and I just tried my best to make sure they were my own teammates. I really need to work on my fast twitch muscles and getting good balance so I can be more solid on my own.

Fucking up the other team’s shit. I have no idea how to help my own jammer.

Some more firsts that felt good:

Lining up for equipment check/a ref reading my number out loud

Finishing a jam with a good moment in it

Pivot helmet covers

My proper number on my arm

A penalty free game (don’t know how many I’ll have)

Being in a pack with the women I’ve idolized for a year. They are even more terrifying and awesome when they’re hitting you for real. (Though I’m sure they were holding back a little)

Love this life.

Holy. Fuck.

Today may have been one of the most fun days of my life. Holy. Fuck. I got to hit people! And surprise, surprise, I’m fucking good at it! All those bitches that made fun of my fat hips in high school? Yeah. I’m coming for you.

We started with a lot of dry land and hip checking drills with groups of 3 working on getting low, looking up, where to hit, etc. Good tip for back blocks (back hits?): swivel your hips in the opposite direction that your shoulder meat is headed towards, and aim for the vagina. Then you’ll probably land a nice boob check. Aim for the boobs, you’ll get the face.

We learned tones about pack work and keeping the wall and I really can keep balance better than I expected while blocking a jammer. But seriously? The “THRUST OF WAR!!!” was where I really kicked ass. Now this was dry land, but no one could push me over. Not even the vets, and I went against some big girls and wiry guys; I can get low and I have power. Now once the skates come on, there’s a lot more to think about – not flailing, not turning my head so much, actually skating forward, communicating etc. I have so much to learn forever and so far, every second is total powerful, drunk bliss.