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The Junior Co-ed Derby Debate or: How Teenage Boys Could Be Learning About Feminism On the Track

A very important article about making changes that make derby and everything better.

Derby Frontier

Written by Kevin Dennison

A recent article on Rollin’ News entitled South Side Derby Delinquents – The Lost Boys: Where To Put Male Skates After Age 11? has reopened conversation on the age old debate of sex/gender segregation in sports and I can’t help but feel that the wrong message is likely to be sent to young boys through all of this. It seems that once the magical number of 12 is reached, there are a lot of concerns that it is at this age where male skater’s “testosterone is peaking and self-control is often-times lacking.” What kind of message are we sending young boys when we say that they can’t play with the girls anymore because their coaches, their role models, their mentors and other adults do not trust that they can “control their bodies and their emotions enough to resolve to not make inappropriate contact on the track”?

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