Jammer breath

I have a new favourite sound – jammer breath. It means my line is strong, slow, calm and doing exactly what it’s supposed to. When I can hear the jammer breathing behind us, getting frustrated, stuck and tired, I get more calm and resiliant. When our jammer is through, and the other team needs to come back and spring theirs, well fuck. That’s a good start to a jam.

Lately I’ve been trying to work on getting my focus into my lower body to get a stronger drive and seam. But when I do, i fall on my ass. I think I need a stronger core first.

I’ll be playing with the B-52 Bellas on August 16th. Nbd.



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I'm a mom, wife, musician, music teacher, and derby girl. That's not all, but it's the most important stuff. View all posts by Perfect Stormborn

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