Unforgettable Firsts

My first real invitational bout. The first time hearing my name from an announcer (GI Jones is killer by the way, my husband feels like he has a better understanding of the game after listening to him) and the first time getting to sing the national anthem at a game I’m playing in. My first time getting to introduce myself when I hear my name. My first time really having a bench coach (Wolfman is super positive and constructive. I love having a stranger tell me he’s proud of me), and my first time having a real bench to sit on. Although I hated sitting, I’m too into the game and get too nervous. Though you can’t tell from my shit eating grin.


My first time jamming (3 times this game) where I didn’t get completely gassed after and I even got lead for one of them, and possibly a
point! My first time where I was really focused on staying with my team and not concerned with how much I accomplished in each jam. My first time on my hard wheels on a slippery floor (could not slow down!) and my first forearm penalty 😦 My first time jamming and blocking against Hockey Stop – and she is one hell of a force. My first time playing with these awesome ladies


My first tied game


And my first victory lap. I got to high five my own little man’s hands. Best first of all.



One more awesome first:



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I'm a mom, wife, musician, music teacher, and derby girl. That's not all, but it's the most important stuff. View all posts by Perfect Stormborn

2 responses to “Unforgettable Firsts

  • Robyn B

    I was searching derby skills and your blog came up. I was reading through it and realized we actually played against each other this past weekend. Congratulations on playing in your first invitational bout! You guys had really strong walls and definitely gave me some things to work on (hence the derby search). I had a blast playing against you guys and can’t wait to do it again.

    Robyn (aka Nerdie Birdie)

    • Perfect Stormborn

      How cool! Take my posts with a grain of salt, I’m definitely not an expert. But I skate with some amazing ladies and I try to pass on their wisdom as best I can 😉 I hope we can skate with each other again soon! That was so fun.

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